Welcome to the world of photography art!

My name is Natalia Rabinovich, and I am pleased to welcome you to my website.

More about me

Many may know me under the pseudonym PhaybiN in the meaning which hides - photo, fairy, part of my last name and First name.

What is photography to me?

Photography for me is an eternity in a moment, an art and a lifetime. It is a huge process in one image. It’s a story, an emotion and an instant that stays with us for life.

My mission

My mission is to show that in my vision there are no boundaries and no rules, there is a complete freedom of imagination and a completely author’s approach to every shooting.


I try to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in the shooting and strive to show people how beautiful and diverse they are. Photography opens up a whole new way of looking at myself and the world, and my job is to realize all of its infinite possibilities. I stop a time in which you are the art.

My Achievements

For more than three years I have been engaged in professional portrait photography. I can see the finished photos at the first minutes of communication with the client and how each of you is beautiful and special.

Cover of the world-famous novel

One of my works has become the cover of the book «Clinical Case» by the famous writer, professor and director Graham McRae Burnett. This novel entered the top 50 Romans by ELLE, was advertised by renowned magazines around the world and became a real bestseller in which my work became an integral part.

Publications in journals

In three years my work has been published worldwide in fashion magazines such as: Vogue, Selin, Intra, Poza, Vigour, DAPPY, Mob, Gmaro and Top Posters.


More than 10 of my works were selected to the top on the online platform UNSPLASH where they have a total of more than 8mn. views.

Phaybin's achievements, VOGUE Phaybin's achievements, VOGUE